they live in a house that was built in


1. The young man....was released after the court was found innocent of all charges against him

Bạn đang xem: they live in a house that was built in

A. who B. who he C. which D. whose

2. Is that the same film ...... we watched last year?

A. when B. which C. why D. who

3. The girl..... I borrowed the dictionary asked mạ to lớn use it carefully

A. Whose B. from whom C. from whose D. whom

4. The first television picture... John Logie Baird transmitted on 25 November 1905 was a boy .... worked in the office next to lớn Baird's workroom in London

A. which, whom B. who, which C. that, whose D. that, who

5. Joyce Bews, was born and grew up in Portsmouth on the south coast of England,....... she still lives, was 100 last year

A. that, in which B. who, where C. that, where D. who, that

6, The pollution ...... they were talking is getting worse

A. that B. about which C. which D. whom

7. Robert Riva, an Italian player..... used to lớn play for Cremonese, now coaches the Reigate under 11's football team

A. when B. which C. where D. who

8. When I was at school, there was a girl in my class..... skin was so sánh sensitive that she couldn't expose her skin to lớn the sun even with cream on

A. where B. whose C. whom D. that

9. Unfortunately, the friend with ..... I intended to lớn go on holiday to lớn Side is ill, so sánh I'll have to lớn cancel my trip

A. who B, whom C, where D, that

10. The new stadium,...... will be completed next year, will seat 30000 spectators

A, what B, where C, when D, that

Xem thêm: because of severe asthma attacks the doctor suggested his patient to stop smoking

11. Blenheim Palace, .... Churchill was born, is now open to lớn the public

A, when B. where C. which D. whose

12. The man..... I introduced you to lớn last night may be the next president of the university

A. which B. whom C, whose D. why

13. Cathy is trustworthy. She's a person upon ..... you can always depend

A. who B, whom C. that D. x

14. Your career focus on a field in...... you are genuinely interested

A. which B, what C, that D. x

15. People.... outlook on life is optimistic are usually happy people

A, whose B, whom C, that D. which

16. The girl ..... dress you admire has been working for an export company since she left school

A, who B, what C, whose D. whom

17, One of the people arrested was Mary Arundel,..... is a thành viên of the local council

A. that B, who C. who, D. x

18. The Titanic,.... Gsank in 1922, was supposed to lớn be unsinkable

A. whose B, that C, which D, who

19, The Newspaper is owned by the Mearson Group

Xem thêm: phát biểu định luật bảo toàn khối lượng

A. which B. that C. who D, whose

20. Genghis Khan, .... name means "very mighty ruler" was a Mongol emperor in the Middle Ages

A. whom B. whose C. who D. how