some days of rest may help to


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Some days of rest may help lớn reduce the pressure of work.

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You should dress _______________________________ when going lớn the interview

The singer, ____________________ most recent recording has had much success, is signing autographs.

I saw a lot of new people at the tiệc nhỏ, ________________ seemed familiar.

My friend eventually decided lớn quit her job, ______________ upset bủ a lot

He is the man ___________________ siêu xe was stolen last week.

They have just found the couple and their siêu xe ______________ were swept away during the heavy storm last week.

It was the worst winter ______________ anyone could remember.

I would lượt thích lớn know the reason ________________ he decided lớn quit the job.

_____________________ instructed bủ how lớn make a good preparation for a job interview.


John Robbins lớn that I spoke by telephone


John Robbins I spoke lớn by telephone


John Robbins, whom I spoke lớn by telephone,

He was always coming up with new ideas,__________________ were absolutely impracticable.

She always had wanted lớn go lớn places ____________________ she could speak her native tongue.

February is the month ________________________ many of my colleagues take skiing holidays.

Can you please tell bủ some information that _______________________ lớn the job?

Not all teenagers are well _____________________ for their future job when they are at high school.

Qualifications and ______________________ are two most important factors that help you get a good job.

Before the interview, you have lớn send a letter of application and your résumé lớn the company.

I have just been called ___________________ a job interview. I am ví nervous.

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He lent bủ ___________________ yesterday.

_______ cheat on the exam have lớn leave the room.

A jelly fish, ____________________is not really a fish, has no brain, no bones, and no face.