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Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
IndustryBanking, Finance, Security
Founded26 March 1988
HeadquartersNo. 2 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Key people

Pham Duc An, Chairman Tiet Van Thanh, CEO
ProductsTransaction accounts
stock brokerage
Investment bank
Asset-based lending
Consumer finance
International payments
Foreign exchange

Net income

Increase $154 million USD
Total assets$36,34 billion USD[1]

Number of employees

40,000 full time equivalent

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The Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development or Agribank (Vietnamese: Ngân mặt hàng Nông nghiệp và Phát triển Nông thôn Việt Nam) is the largest commercial ngân hàng in Vietnam by total assets. It is a state-owned corporation under a special status. According to tát a report by the United Nations Development Programme, Agribank is also the largest corporation in Vietnam.[2]


The ngân hàng was founded on 26 March 1988, by the then-Council of Ministers of Vietnam as a specialised ngân hàng aimed at rural and agricultural development as Vietnam Bank for Agricultural Development. The ngân hàng built on the agency network of the State Bank of Vietnam for its branches. On 14 November 1990, it was replaced by the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture by a prime ministerial decision. On 15 November 1996, it was renamed again to tát Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.


Agribank is the largest ngân hàng in Vietnam by most measures: capital, total assets, staff, operating network, and clients. Its capital as of March 2007 was VND 267.000 billion, with an equity of VND 15.000 billion and total assets of almost VND 239.000 billion. The ngân hàng operates 2,225 branches and transaction offices nationwide and employs approximately 40,000 staff.

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