i will give him the report


  • Mark the letter A, B, C, D on your answer sheet đồ sộ indicate the correct answer đồ sộ each of the  following questions

    Bạn đang xem: i will give him the report

    Câu hỏi:

    ________, I will give him the report.

    • A. When he returns
    • B. When he will return
    • C.  No sooner he returns
    • D.  Until he will return

    Lời giải tham lam khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: A

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  • If a US. student wants đồ sộ enter a vocational school, he/ she must ___________.
  • Schools at secondary level consist of ___________.
  • According đồ sộ the text, graduate students are those who ___________.          
  • If you want đồ sộ study a Master program, you ___________
  • According đồ sộ the text, which statement below is TRUE?
  • According đồ sộ the text, the size of an American college ___________.      
  • More and more people are dying _________lung cancer. 
  • The desert _________a mystery until Madigan _________an aerial survey in 1929.
  • The main goals of UNICEF are đồ sộ tư vấn and fund for the most _________children- victims of wars, disasters, and extreme poverty.
  • The young people have made valuable _________to the success of the project.
  • Before he _________to bed, he _________his homework.
  • The assignment _________before you go back trang chính.
  • Children are _________this film.
  • They are very friendly and honnest
  • Shall i come and visit you in the afternoon
  • Mr. Tam gets lung cancer ví he has to_________ smoking.
  • ________he is very rich, he is very stingy. He never gives money đồ sộ anyone.
  • You have a lot of time. You_________leave now
  • Unless you _________well-trained, you _________to the company.
  • There has been great expansion
  • Choose the correct answers reserve, domestic, competition, discovery
  • Choose the correct words colony, wildlife, leopard, rhinoceros
  • Choose the correct answer computation, invitation, understand, industry
  • Choose the correct answer subsidy, certificate, pessimiest, shift
  • Choose the correct answer church, match, chair, character, match
  • The flight was delayed, but we had time đồ sộ have something đồ sộ eat. 
  • As we had plenty of food, we mustn’t go đồ sộ the supermarket
  • The pupils failed the exam because of they were very lazy.
  • Since I have moved my house, they haven’t written đồ sộ bầm.        
  • He worked hard, however he could earn much money.
  • ________, I will give him the report.
  • Nowadays, young people _____________ .
  • Peter apologized ____________.
  • Jack asked his sister________.      
  • As the conversation went on,______________.
  • Different conservation efforts have been made in order đồ sộ save endangered species.
  • Nobody can find out the mystery. 
  • I feel better when the weather is getting warmer.
  • I left school three years ago. I have not seen you since then.
  • The gate was closed đồ sộ stop the children running into the road.
  • Choose the correct answers that, where, this, what
  • Choose the correct answer amount figure number deal
  • Choose the correct answers even, ever, nevertheless, however
  • Choose the correct answer other, the others, others, the others
  • Choose the correct answer severe, cruel, strict, angry
  • Choose the correct answer on, by, đồ sộ, at
  • Choose the correct answer fetch, bring, take, carry
  • Choose the correct answers used đồ sộ, get used đồ sộ, are used đồ sộ, used đồ sộ be
  • choose the correct answers notable, predictable, incredible, remarkable
  • Choose the correct answer change, transformation, shift, transfer