i usually buy my clothes


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I usually buy my clothes _____. It’s cheaper than thở going to lớn the dress maker.

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My cousin tends to lớn look on the bright side in any circumstance.

The child has no problem reciting the poem; he has _____ it to lớn memory.

After their long-standing conflict had been resolved, the two families decided to lớn bury the hatchet.

The nominating committee always meet behind closed doors, lest its deliberations become known prematurely.

In a modem family, the husband is expected to lớn join hands with his wife to lớn _____ the household chores.

The table in the living room should be moved to lớn _____ the new TV mix.

The US president Barack Obama _____ an official visit to lớn Vietnam in May năm nhâm thìn, which is of great significance to lớn the comprehensive bilateral partnership.

Two close friends Tom and Kyle are talking about Kyle’s upcoming birthday.
Tom: “Can I bring a friend to lớn your birthday party?”
Kyle: “_____.”

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As children, we were very poor. When my father finally became rich, he told us that he wanted to lớn _____ all the hardship we had suffered.

It’s not a pleasant feeling to lớn discover you’ve been taken for a ride by a close friend.

Thanks to lớn her father’s encouragement, she has made great _____ in her study.

Jim didn’t break the vase on _____, but he was still punished for his carelessness.

“How was your exam?” - “A couple of questions were tricky, but on the _____ it was pretty easy.”

If you practice regularly, you can learn this language skill in short _____ of a time.

The cửa hàng assistant is ready to lớn _____ bầm a helping hand. She is very nice.

The manager _____ his temper with the employees and shouted at them.

All nations should _____ hands to lớn work out a plan to lớn solve the problem of _____ global wanning.

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When he started that company, he really went _____. It might have been a disaster.

We regret to lớn tell you that the materials you ordered are _____.

She _____ her success to lớn hard work.